Client Stories

Ms. ChristineMs. Christine

“The volunteers who bring our meals deserve a lot of credit!”  This is how Ms. Christine, a client for over six years, feels about MOW.  Born and raised in Abbeville, she married her husband who drove a milk truck.  “I married the milkman,” she says with a big smile.  Altogether she has two sons and one daughter, along with 5 grandchildren.  Her son Gary comes by often and checks in on her.

Ms. Christine was a dietician working primarily in schools for 23 years and retired after working in Ninety Six.  She has also worked for MOW herself.  As a member of First Presbyterian Church in Greenwood for a long time, she spent many younger years working with youth and children.  “I loved working with young people.”  She is proud to be 89 years old, still exercising all the time using a treadmill and believes it’s key to living a longer, healthier life.

One thing she whole heartedly believes in is that we should all be thankful for what we have and says, “I leave everything in God’s hands.”  Without a doubt, she is very thankful for MOW and always enjoys talking to the volunteers whom she calls “wonderful.”  She adds, “I just love MOW…you can’t beat it!”

Mr. LeonardMr. Leonard

Leonard is one of our seniors who has been getting Meals on Wheels for the past two years.  He just celebrated his 98th birthday and still lives independently in his home in Greenwood.  He was born with a green thumb and until recently, has enjoyed growing many different vegetables in his garden, in particular onions, tomatoes, and collards. He enjoys sitting in his porch swing and is able to get around with the help of a beautiful hand-made cane he created from his own crape myrtle tree.   Leonard’s family lives nearby and wants him to keep his independence as long as possible.  His daughter, Linda appreciates Meals on Wheels very much.  “I have the reassurance he gets checked on everyday and receives a good, hot meal,” says Linda.  Leonard adds the MOW volunteers often check his mailbox and bring his newspaper to him.  He is very thankful for the kindness of our volunteers.



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